HYP started in 1991 as an alternative to the licensed and team caps that were so popular at that time. The first designs included a peace sign, a light bulb, and the phrase “blah, blah, blah.” We seemed to have a hit on something, and the roller coaster ride began. We appeared on business shows on CNN and CNBC, in magazines, and celebrities were wearing our products- a pretty good start! Soon, however, we started to learn what we didn’t know- a lot!

We kept moving forward, making mistakes, learning from them, and fast forward to today-- HYP is thriving! It is a different company than what we originally imagined, but a good solid company that has withstood everything the economy has thrown at us!

Today’s HYP boasts several successful divisions- 1) HYP Accessories; 2) HYP Intimates; 3) HYP Bags; and 4) HYP Promo- and we are the proud owners of several brands and many licenses.

HYP Accessories- HYP’s accessories business is centered on headwear, cold weather, accessories, hosiery, and novelty footwear. Our bold colorful designs and creative packaging are well known throughout the industry. HYP product can be found at most top retailers under brands and licenses including HYP, Pink Cookie, Dockers, Baby Phat, Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel, and many others. Additionally HYP does a great deal of private label business for our major retail customers, so odds are, you own several HYP products without even knowing it.

HYP Intimates- HYP Intimates has quickly become an industry leader in ladies and girls intimate apparel with particularly strong expertise in juniors and full figure product. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and entrepreneurial spirit. We are flexible, fast to market and trend right. In addition to private label programs, our Pink Cookie brand is a national brand for girls and juniors, and we have successfully launched our first licenses Catherine Malandrino and C & C of California.

HYP Bags-This is HYP’s newest division, lead by industry legend Larry Gutkin. Starting with the Champion and Pink Cookie brands, HYP Bags is already on the path toward industry prominence in the categories of backpacks, sports bags, travel bags and luggage.

HYP Promo- HYP provides headwear and bags under the HYP and Champion labels to the top distributors in the billion-dollar promotional products industry, S&S Active Wear, Broder Bros., Alpha Shirt Company, New England Sportswear, and the Sportsman Cap Network.

Pink Cookie- Pink Cookie has been built it into a worldwide trend right brand for the “tough but sweet” tween and teen. HYP is responsible for Pink Cookie headwear, cold weather, hosiery, slippers, intimate apparel and bags. The brand is licensed to other fine companies in other categories in the U.S and internationally.

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